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We service and repair transmissions, transfer cases, drive shafts, and differentials for all makes and models of vehicles. We pride ourselves in exceptional service that you would expect from a professional transmission repair store in Edmonton.
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Drive shafts

Alberta Drive-Line has expanded to meet the demand required in precision driveline services and components. We have state of the equipment such as an art balancer, which can detect the slightest imbalance in drive shafts that is required in today’s vibration sensitive vehicles.

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Alberta Drive Line is equipped with two transmission dyno machines allowing us to test automatic transmissions before they are shipped out of town or installed in your vehicle. We also carry state of the art computer scanners allowing us to scan newer computer controlled transmission to diagnose your transmission problems.



Our experienced staff have repaired differentials in racecars, 4×4’s, and your everyday daily drivers. We use top quality gear sets such as Motive, Cobra, Yukon and Richmond. We also carry a complete line of Possi, Limited Slips and Lockers to suit your application.

Alberta Drive-Line has been in the driveline industry for over 40 years, servicing and repairing transfer cases, transmissions, drive shafts and differentials for all makes and models of vehicles.

Our dedication to quality, service and customer satisfaction has made us a leader in the driveline industry.

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